Family Mediation

Family MediationIf you're getting a divorce, dissolving a civil partnership or if you've been separated for a while then it is a stressful time. Mediation and Counselling can help resolve some of the issues that come up. Things like:

  • Future care of your children
  • Child maintenance payments
  • Finances – how to deal with assets, income, expenditure, pension and debts
  • Property

Family mediation means you get an independent specially trained mediator. They help you and your ex and/or other family members to sort out any issues that are causing problems. There will be series of meetings where you can discuss things that are bothering you and get the chance to think about different ways to solve them. All the meetings are relaxed and informal. Once an agreement has been reached, then formal documents can be produced to show that settlement has been reached.

Family mediation and counselling can also help if there is conflict between parents and children. This inter-generational support can make a lasting difference to families experiencing difficulties during the teenage years.

We also can provide a range of other support services that can help you when there is conflict in family relationships.

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