What our clients say about us.

“Mediators led the discussions very well and we are astounded by the positive outcome”

“Very fair and helpful. The ARCH service can turn mountains back into molehills”

“There was better communication between the two parties during the session than there has been all year”

“I have come away from mediation with some positive ways of changing my managerial techniques and thank the mediators for their valuable help”

“Just a note to say thank you. Since the mediation with my neighbours and yourselves my life has been transformed. I feel happy in my home now and my neighbours and I are rubbing along just fine. Keep up the good work – it makes such a difference”. [Rachel R. Ripon]

“We recently attended an Arch training day; in reality all who attended were very sceptical of the benefits! However, we would like to thank the team as we had a great day, learnt lots about ourselves and the business and how to manage it and staff relations better and all left, not as sceptics but as believers. A job well done Arch. We will be returning”. [John Reeves FRICS, Chair, The Helmsley Group, York]

ARCH helped us with a neighbour dispute. I would like to say it was absolutely worth it and I just wish we had tried mediation sooner. We are very pleased with the result, feel much better and we get along fine with our neighbours now. [J Dixon. York.]

Just a quick email to say that since arch mediation intervened with our neighbour dispute everything has been great with our neighbours. We often now speak when in each other's gardens and also pop round and help each other out as and when is needed. We are extremely grateful for everything you have done for us. Many thanks. [James B. York]