What We Do

We help people when they fall out with each other: at home, at work, with family or neighbours.

We help people resolve disputes. Life, work and relationships do not always go smoothly. Differences, disagreements and breakdowns in communication cause problems and tension. If you are faced with a situation we are here to help.

We help our clients resolve their differences and avoid future conflict. We do this by identifying and providing the very best in appropriate independent and impartial support and services, specially structured and tailored to the specific need of each individual case.

Why We Do It

We do it because disputes causes hassle for everyone involved. Disagreements take time and effort and can cost money. We want to help people avoid all that.

We do this because unresolved disputes use up time, financial resources and emotional energy. They have adverse effect on relationships, community cohesion, workplace harmony, and business productivity.

We want families, communities and businesses to recognise ARCH as the definitive expert source of advice, guidance and support for conflict resolution. Our reputation is built on timely and appropriate intervention, delivered by a network of professional associates. We are known for our holistic approach, proposing support that it is fit for purpose; that utilises the most effective combination of coaching, training, mediation, counselling and other therapeutic services; and that is available for as long as it is required.

We are certain that all forms of mediation bring real benefits to individuals, families, neighbourhoods and the business community. Removing tension and stress from situations and minimising conflict has measurable positive and lasting impact. Workplace productivity increases, individual wellbeing improves, and the physical manifestations of dispute, such as antisocial behaviour, vandalism and public disorder are massively reduced. Together with the immediate evidence of its value, these hidden costs of the failure to resolve issues, demonstrate to us that effective conflict resolution is an essential part of modern society. A service that we are proud to provide.

Our Values

Our unique approach and how everyone who works with ARCH sees and feels the benefits of our comprehensive needs-led service.

In everything that we do, we are impartial, respectful and professional. We value teamwork and collaboration, and we believe that by working together we can learn and grow, both as individuals and as an organisation. We encourage an openness of approach, together with an unfailing level of confidentiality for the individuals and cases we work with. We are proud to make a positive difference to people’s lives.

How We Do It

We use a team of experts who have been trained to help people find ways to agree.

What We DoMediation is a way to reach agreement when there is a dispute. A mediator is someone who is not involved, and who won’t take sides. They have been specially trained to help people talk to each other and sort out differences.

Mediation is a structured yet flexible and informal process. An independent and impartial mediator helps those involved come up with a mutually agreeable solution. Everything is confidential. The mediator is never judgemental.

We have a small team of staff, supported by a large network of volunteers, supporters and associates. All are qualified and accredited professionals. We have experts and specialists in different aspects of mediation, and in coaching, therapy, training and counselling. This means that whatever issues you are facing, we will have someone who has the right experience to help you and anyone else involved find a workable and agreeable solution.

Working with the support of Harrogate Borough Council we have been resolving community, neighbour and inter-generational disputes for over 14 years. In April 2014 ARCH Mediation Services was launched as an independent and separate company and is now a Registered Charity. In addition we can assist you to find qualified experienced professionals to resolve conflicts, issues or disputes in the workplace, civil and commercial situations, and also to provide counselling, coaching and training. 

Why You Should Consider Mediation Services

The top ten benefits for using mediation...

  • It can be adopted at any stage of a dispute
  • It is confidential & without prejudice
  • It can be financially advantageous when compared with litigation and official alternatives
  • It is a flexible process that adapts to individual situations
  • It helps identify key underlying issues that normal negotiation will not uncover
  • No-one has to admit fault, so there is no loss of face
  • It offers fullest involvement of parties, so everyone feels and sees that their perspective matters
  • All parties learn conflict resolution skills that they can use in the future
  • Relationships are rebuilt and strengthened through trust and commitment
  • It is voluntary and informal, so gains a greater buy-in than compulsory alternatives

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Resolving conflict and interpersonal issues takes time, money and expertise. What can you give?

Unresolved disputes use up time, financial resources and emotional energy. They have an adverse effect on relationships, community cohesion, workplace harmony, and business productivity. That’s why we do what we do. That’s why we want you to help us.

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