Workplace Mediation

Workplace_MediationWhether it is solving civil and commercial disputes, or support in the workplace to resolve conflict and rebuild effective and lasting working relationships, we can help you find trained and accredited experts who will help save you money, save you time, and save you worry.

Workplace mediation is all about resolving conflict and improving future working relationships.

The mediator will first meet the parties separately. The aim of this first meeting is to allow each individual involved to tell their story and find out what they want out of the process.

The mediator then generally brings the participants together and invites them to put their side of the story during a period of uninterrupted time. The mediator will then identify the issues and help the parties to explore possible solutions to those issues. As the process develops the mediator will ensure the solutions and agreements are workable and record any agreement reached. Once an agreement has been reached the mediator will bring the meeting to a close and provide a copy of the agreed statement to those involved and explain their responsibilities for its implementation. The mediator will usually contact the parties involved about a month later to ensure that the agreement is working.

The benefits of workplace mediation are:

  • it is generally less expensive than litigation
  • it is quicker than more formal legal processes
  • it reaches mutually satisfying outcomes for all parties
  • it has a high success rate, as agreement is not imposed by a third party
  • settlements are comprehensive and customised
  • individuals are empowered by the process, not constrained by it
  • it builds the foundation for ongoing positive relationships
  • agreement is always better than win/lose settlement
  • you have nothing to lose by trying it
  • outcomes and benefits are not solely financial, as court settlements tend to be

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